Tuesday, May 19, 2020




When the pandemic broke out, my first thought was selfish.  How do we protect ourselves, our families, and our friends? 

Then I remembered friends I had made at the 2012 General Conference from other parts of the world and sent emails.  One of the responses indicated the congregations in his developing country were being broken down into house churches, most of which had no electricity, running water, or decent medical care available.  That triggered in me all kinds of questions that I would ask if I were looking for ideas on how to conduct house churches safely and have useable information to meet the challenge of the pandemic.

Having used house church techniques in starting a congregation, I presumed the house churches described by my friend were made up of neighborhood groupings.  That meant that each house church would need someone to monitor the health of those attending before they actually entered the house.  So I wrote nearly all of the following answers for basic questions that such groups and individuals might need answered.

After sending nearly all of the following to my friend, having written them In a two day period (a couple on the end were finished over the days since the majority were written), my friend let me know the house churches were made up of all the multi-generational members of a family that lived together!  That meant there was far less need to have the monitoring of people who might attend from outside the home.

But there may be others who might find the materials I’ve generated helpful.  If nothing else, I have posted a lot of what we know now about the disease causing the pandemic and it may be something I will be glad I recorded when I did.

You might also be interested.  If you learn I have erred, please contact me!  I do not want to give out any information that could cause harm!

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